Fluid Injection Awareness

This e-learning awareness course provides an introduction to the hazards related to working with pressurized fluids, and provides the learner with knowledge on mitigating these hazard. This course also provides methods of first aid.

Hydraulic Safety in Construction

Though hydraulic-operated equipment is used in all areas of construction, many workers are unaware of their associated hazards. This online course teaches workers about the hazards involved when working with or around hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic Safety: High Risk Maintenance Level

This industry leading online Hydraulic Safety: High Risk Maintenance Level course provides an understanding of hydraulic energy hazards and controls for workers who repair and maintain hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic Safety: Exposure Level

Designed for individuals who work on or near hydraulic equipment, this online course provides an awareness of hydraulic hazards in the workplace.

Bench Grinder Safety

A jagged wheel fragment can fly fast enough to penetrate the soft tissue of your neck, eyes and face. Bench grinders are powerful tools that require precision and precaution. This course will explain the steps you must take to stay safe when working with these commonly used pieces of equipment. Ideal learners are maintenance employees in general industry, employees in the construction industry, and supervisors of those employees.

Battery and Charger Safety

Batteries provide electric power for equipment like forklifts, narrow-aisle trucks, airport vehicles, electric buses, autos and golf carts. When used properly, batteries are a safe and reliable source of power. As with any power source, there are some hazards. This lesson covers these hazards, including electrical shock, corrosive chemical exposure and battery handling.

Basic Rigger and Signalman (OSHA)

An OSHA-Compliant training course online for riggers and signalers. I-CAB Recognized. This basic rigger and signaler class covers an introduction to rigging, determining load weight, sling angles and stresses, center of gravity, basic hitches, sling types, lifting hardware, below-the-hook-devices, verbal communication, and hand signals.

Autoclave Safety

The lesson will teach you about the purpose, operation and various types of autoclaves, as well as the procedures and precautions for safely operating, maintaining and inspecting autoclaves.

ATV/UTV Safety Training

This online ATV/UTV Safety course is designed to equip you for the safe operation of ATVs and UTVs in both common and hazardous situations.