Safety Standards

IHSA has developed training programs in effort to bring the hazards of hydraulics to millions of workers who are exposed to hydraulic systems. Much support has come from industries that recognize the need for this education and knowledge, however not all employers and governments recognize hydraulics as a form of hazardous energy. International Hydraulic Safety Authority has determined from years of research that there is a need for advancement in hydraulic safety standards. 

Energy hazards from sources such as electrical and pressure vessels have standards that are very well advanced compared to current hydraulic safety standards. A history of incidents does exist and IHSA has found there is a lack of standards with regards to; system assemblies, safety, inspections, education, identification, and certifications.

 IHSA’s has compiled supporting information which identifies how the public, the workforce, and the environment have been affected by the oversight in standards development. IHSA’s research and development clearly identifies a gap where standards and acts “should exist” IHSA will continue to build a set of proposed standards which can be adopted by any national or international organizations.

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