HSAC Corporate Biography

International Hydraulic Safety Authority is Operated by the Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada Inc.

Corporate Biography of Hydraulic safety Authority of Canada Inc.

In March 2008, it required only a few short hours of research on an internet search engine to piece together enough information to discover a gap in occupational safety knowledge. Hydraulics is a means of transmitting energy through the control of a confined fluid. Compelled to research, it was easily discovered, this form of energy is hazardous, and has caused injury and death in the workplace. Occupational laws and the criminal code clearly state it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure and protect the worker against hazards. The final piece of the puzzle was to find the compiled information an employer would require to be compliant with legislation. 

The search of this single source of information wasn’t to be found that March of 2008. Two months later Colin Bonner founded the Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada Inc. Shortly after, Jody Flanagan partnered in the company and both Colin and Jody began researching and developing the material required to provide that single source of information for the workplace. This arduous task took over 30 months to develop and produce the most effective and comprehensive training programs which are available today. Hydraulic safety awareness isn’t considered unique, but a step toward the evolutionary growth of knowledge brought forth in occupational, property and environmental safety. Only in the latter part of 2010 did HSAC begin to inform industry of their programs and services.

 HSAC’s initiative has drawn attention not only in Canada, but continuous inquiries were made internationally from countries around the world. HSAC training courses are complimented by their other services including development of procedures for compliant lockout and energy control, specific to hydraulic systems. The task of providing this safety knowledge to all workers exposed to these hazards is now at hand for HSAC. Current initiatives include, the ongoing effort to make occupational health and safety leaders and government aware of their recent efforts, and the formation of an educational safety standards committee.

 HSAC brings a fresh and innovative approach to carry their necessary programs to the forefront of occupational health and safety. Many people of many occupations are exposed to hydraulic systems and components, and the most powerful tool they require is knowledge related to the hazards. HSAC’s initiative is motivated by their commitment to those who have the right to know about the hazards of their occupation.

HSAC now has Licensed Training providers and a network of authorized resellers of the online E-learning courses.

HSAC is pleased to announce that Levitt-Safety in now an authorized provider of HSAC Hydraulic Safety Training courses and Consulting services. Levitt-Safety has grown over the past 75 years to become the largest specialist supplier of safety equipment and services in Canada. Levitt-Safety has 14 locations nationwide to serve your safety needs. Levitt-Safety has maintained a customer focused approach and continues to meet the ever-changing safety needs of its customers by expanding their safety offering and recognizing the role they play as a safety partner.

Other Achievements

This being the 3rd year, The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) has awarded the Hydraulic Safety Awareness Course, HSAC High Risk Maintenance Level, 1.0 CMP.

This continued education applies to all Certified Registered Safety Professionals.


HSAC has recently been approved for continuing education units for Water Waste Water Operators by the governing bodies of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.