Tailored Training

Practical awareness of your own work environment

What the outcome is to achieve in the development of tailored training :

For advancing clients it’s a perfect fit by having the ability to train personnel corporate wide from their own learning Management System. The outcome we wish to achieve is eliminating risk and preventing loss. Hydraulics as you are well aware of are a hazard to personnel, property and environment. Tailored content allows personnel to learn about hazards, processes, and procedures that are specific to the equipment they work with or are about to work with as part of their duties. Under some jurisdictions there is a requirement to provide and make aware, and this kind of training does exactly that. In house learning is inexpensive, reducing cost for retraining greatly assists in preventing complacency.

The Development :

Much of the work has already been completed by utilizing a percentage of IHSA’s current content taken from the High Risk Maintenance Level course.
The majority of the content 75% or more is made up of specific hazard compiled from our clients working environment and procedures specific to their equipment.
Equipment procedures are task based and could be about safe maintenance, component replacement, component repair, equipment testing, equipment inspection, commissioning of equipment, de-commissioning of equipment and components, disposal of, containment & absorbent of fluids, energy control, and lockout.

IHSA starts by conducting assessments; the assessment is to collect information about risk and at risk behavior.
Assessments will also reveal deficiencies and where integration of safety devices maybe necessary.
Specific procedures that are identified as “higher risk” requires a process in itself. These processes are collective approaches which are developed through risk assessments, and input form 3rd parties such as manufacturers.

The procedure is written by the assistance of those with experience and expertise in aspects of the procedure. The procedure is tested prior to approval. The hazards assessment takes hierarchy of control and situational risks into consideration which is later adopted into the training procedure.
Once the media is collected (photo, video, animation, text) its assembled into a story board and reviewed. Once the review has been completed the media is compiled into Microsoft Power Point or a similar program then rendered into video files for installation into an LMS or used in instructor led training.
During the review stage questions are developed as part of the testing (training assessment).
Tailored training is ideal for Industry sectors such as; extrusion, drilling, construction, manufacturing, plastics, mining, aviation, entertainment, agriculture, pulp & paper, oil & gas, fire/rescue and many more. Contact info@hsac.ca