Electrical Safety Training 2021

This online Electrical Safety course provides a well-rounded approach to the basics of electrical safety and helps increase understanding of the dangers of electricity from both a shock protection and arc flash protection point of view.

This course has been updated to meet the current regulations and standards, including the recently updated CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety and the NFPA 70E – Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Corrective Action Training: CDLs and Medical Cards

This Corrective Action Training module provides drivers with remedial training related to CDLs and medical cards. Specifically, this course is designed to remind drivers to carry the proper credentials while driving, ensure they have the proper license for their vehicle, and carry their medical card for as long as required for their license class.

Arsenic Awareness (US)

OSHA requires inorganic arsenic training whenever employees are exposed to arsenic at or above a certain level. This course explains the possible health effects related to inorganic arsenic and how to reduce and/or eliminate the exposures that can lead to these health effects.