Defensive Driving Awareness

The SAFER Defensive Driving Program is an excellent program for drivers of all types but has a special emphasis for company drivers.

Overhead Cranes

This online Overhead Cranes course is designed to provide you with the knowledge required to safely inspect, maintain, and operate overhead cranes.

Ladder Safety

This Ladder Safety Training course is designed to teach workers safe ladder practices and strategies for preventing ladder-related injuries.

Personal Protective Equipment for Employees (PPE)

This course teaches students about the basics of personal protective equipment (PPE). Students will learn about the hierarchy of hazard controls, their rights and responsibilities, head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, and hand and foot protection. They will also receive a brief overview of some other common forms of PPE, including high-visibility safety apparel, fall protection, and limb and body protection. Please note that respiratory protection is covered in a separate course; it is not included here.

Winter Driving Fundamentals

This online Winter Driving Fundamentals course explores the main risks associated with winter driving and offers simple solutions to reduce winter driving risk.

Also see Thinking Driver’s “Defensive Driving: Extreme Winter Driving with Skid Control/Recovery” for a more comprehensive course.

WHMIS 2015 GHS Certification

This WHMIS 2015 GHS course informs the learner of the standards established by the United Nations for the safe manufacturing and handling of chemicals.

Propane Handling and Exchange

This online Propane Handling and Exchange course is designed to familiarize you with the dangers of propane, control methods to mitigate hazards, and the requirements for transporting, handling, exchanging, and storing propane cylinders.

Office Ergonomics Training

This interactive office ergonomics course is designed for employees who spend most of their day working at computer. During this course, you will learn how to minimize the risk of injury at work and at home and improve overall comfort at the work station.

BC Safe Driving

This online course is a comprehensive defensive driving program designed to teach responsible driving practices and help drivers of all experience levels become better drivers. This course covers rules of the road and driver responsibilities.