Fluid Injection Awareness

This e-learning awareness course provides an introduction to the hazards related to working with pressurized fluids, and provides the learner with knowledge on mitigating these hazard. This course also provides methods of first aid.

Bear Awareness (OSHA)

An online training course for Bear Awareness. I-CAB Recognized. Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final written exam. Upon completion, you will be able to print your certificate and wallet card. A checklist will also be made available which can be used by your employer to observe your application of the principles learned in the classroom.

Bear Awareness (CAN)

This is an online course for bear awareness. I-CAB Recognized. Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final written exam. Upon completion, gain access to and print off your test, certificate, and a checklist which can be used by your employer to administer the required practical observation.

Bear Awareness

This online course covers information that will assist in the identification of different bear species, and teaches how to react appropriately should a bear be encountered in the wild.

BCMSA Worksite Safety Inspection

Employers are required to conduct regular inspections of their operations. This course will provide participants with techniques and templates to help plan and conduct inspections, prioritize hazards, write effective reports and assign responsibility for corrective action.

BCMSA Respectful Conduct in the Workplace

The purpose of this Respectful Conduct in the Workplace Training Program is to provide all employees with skills and information that will allow them to understand their responsibility in fostering a Respectful Workplace.

BCMSA Prevention of Workplace Violence

All employees have the right to expect a workplace that promotes safety from violence, threats and harassment. Working for an organization which deals with the public each and every day, employees are going to encounter situations involving unpredictable behaviour. Within this course, the entire spectrum of workplace violence is covered, focusing particularly on the ways in which employees can identify the potential for workplace violence, attempt to defuse it, and respond to it should it unfortunately occur.

BCMSA Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) Training for Supervisors

Supervisors play a key role in injury reduction. This course will introduce Supervisors to MSD risk assessment tools, a prioritization matrix and a cost-benefit matrix, designed to help you maximize the available resources and help guide your organization towards cost-effective solutions.

BCMSA Incident Investigation

Investigation of incidents is a vital part of every health and safety management system. Incident Investigations require a commitment by the employer that investigations will take place when required and appropriate to do so, and that recommendations from investigations will be acknowledged by management and implemented where possible and feasible.

BCMSA Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Occupational injuries and illnesses happen when workers are exposed to hazards in their workplaces. In order to determine if the hazards can be eliminated or the threat to workers reduced, the employer must assess and prioritize the level of risk posed by those hazards, and establish controls based on the level of priority.